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 This is post is my response to the Paint the Walls Challenge over at [livejournal.com profile] crimeland 

Blue - because when I think blue I think water... or that one song but that's beside the point


Your Face is Stupid - When I saw this I immediately thought of making funny faces and being told my face was going to stay like that. 

Title: Pout
Author: Feline_Feral
Rating: PG
Pairing: Implied Hotch/Reid
Warning: implied homophobia, AU
Summary: Jack Hotchner is not to impressed with his mother right now.

Jack Hotchner watched the trees go past the car window silently; he’d decided before he ever got in the car that he wasn’t going to say a word to his mother ever again.

Haley looked over to her son when she stopped the car at a red light. He still had the most ridiculous look on his face. “You know if you keep making that face it’s going to get stuck like that.”

Jack only looked away from the window for only a brief glance at Haley. His look never changed.

“You can see your dad again soon, Jack. We just have to wait till he’s not sharing the apartment.”

She said it with so much confidence that Jack wanted to scream at her. That meant he wasn’t going to see dad again and it didn’t seem fair. There was nothing wrong with sharing an apartment with someone you loved; he was six and even he knew that. Why couldn’t his mom?

However, Jack also knew arguing would only make it worse. Instead he said, “You always say that” and stuck out his tongue. Haley laughed. Jack thought it was a start.

Sad Face Forever

Free Space
- FBI theme
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Colours - Two icons that focus on colours, especially red

I Love You 
Title: Three Little Words
Author: Feline_Feral
Pairing: Reid/ Male Character –it’s a surprise
Summary: Someone finally gets the nerves to say three important little words.

“I love you.”

Spencer froze in the middle of packing his go bag at the words. They weren’t expected, especially not here and now.

Slowly he put packed his things tightly into the bag. When he was finished Spencer looked the other man in the room in the eye. “You’ve never said that before.”

The other man tried to shrug it off nonchalantly but his face betrayed his nerves. “I know. I should have but I’m not the most emotionally connected person in the world. Today made me realize that.”

Spencer snorted, “And you think I am?” He moved across the room to kiss the other occupant.

“I love you too, Hotch.”

Talk Talk Talk - I interpreted this as a fic all in dialogue

Title: Baggage
Author: Feline_Feral
Rating: PG
Summary: Morgan gives Reid a hand while he’s on crutches.

“When I told you I’d grab your go bag for you I wasn’t expecting to get my daily workout.”

“I carry it around all the time. It’s not all that heavy.”

“Yeah right. Seriously, you have bricks in here Reid?”


“Cement blocks?”

“What in the world would I need either of those for on a case?”

“Heh –“

“Say anything about my aim and I will hit you.”

“You could try. Now sit down before you fall down.”

“If I wanted to be smothered to death I would have asked one of the girls or Hotch for help.”

“You’re stuck with me instead. In fact as payment for being so kind as to lug this thing up here I want to know what’s making it so heavy.”



“No, it’s just none of you business Morgan.”

“Come on, not like you’ve never seen the inside of mine.”

“That’s because you dump its contents all over the room!”

“Meh, it’s -_

“Oh for… just open it and pass me the one on top.”



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