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Feb. 28th, 2011 04:54 pm
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 Title: Mine
Author: Feline_Feral
Disclaimer: I own nothing. For entertainment purposes only, no profit made. Please don’t sue.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 516
Warnings: As long as you know who Cas is you should be good.
Prompt: 8. Dean and Castiel start spending more time together. The Impala does not approve.
Summary: The Impala doesn’t like how close Dean and Castiel are becoming.

She hated the man, angel, whatever he was supposed to be on sight. At first she could forgive him because without his help Dean would still be lost to hell and she to Sam’s modernization.

She’d thought that after a while he would leave and Dean would go back to focusing on her. She was after all his baby. Except that wasn’t what happened. The angel kept coming more frequently and she could see Dean fall for him. The more he did the less time and attention he spent on her. It’d been months since he so much as checked her oil.

Watching them in her backseat she decided that something had to be done.

Dean moved into the kiss as best he could without smacking the back of his head off the door. The backseat of the Impala was not the best place for two fully-grown men to try and have sex but Sam was in the hotel room refusing to budge.

He forgot all about the lack of room when the clothes started flying. He was almost completely lost in the moment when the impala let out a groan that wasn’t because of him and Cas.

Pushing Cas back he looked at the dash of the car waiting to see if it would happen again. If it did he was going to have to break out the tool kit. Cas looked at him questioningly but he just shook his head and pulled him back down. Must have been his imagination.

If she were capable of cackling with glee she would have. She still knew how to get Dean’s attention. She just had to make it a little louder. They weren’t going to do anything when she was involved. She planned on reminding Dean that she was here first and she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

When they started getting heavy handed again she sunk her suspension and sent a resounding clank through her engine. This time she was satisfied to see Dean push the angel forward with a frown. When he started talking she was certain she had him.

Cas flinched when his head hit the roof of the car. He missed not being affected by anything that happened to his vessel. It was the second time Dean had pushed him away. “Dean?”

“That was not my imagination.”


“Never mind, I need to check something,” Dean reached over the front seats for his shirt.

Cas looked at him incredulously and huffed out, “Now?”

Dean paused in pulling his shirt on. He was about to say that it could wait when the Impala’s engine let out another groan. “Yes now.”

Finishing with his pants Dean left Castiel sitting very confused and very naked in the backseat of the car. Fishing the tools out of the trunk Dean popped the hood.

“Let’s see what’s the matter, baby.”

The Impala settled with a contented sigh as Dean moved experienced hands over her engine. She may not have won the war but she won this battle. She could live with that for now.
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