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 Title: Love and Hate
Author: Feline_Feral
Disclaimer: I own nothing. For entertainment purposes only, no profit made. Please don’t sue.
Rating: PG-13
Length: 850
Warnings: As long as you know who Cas is you should be good.
Prompt: 6. Unfortunately, Dean is allergic to flowers and Castiel is allergic to chocolate.
Summary: It’s Valentine’s Day and Dean’s actually looking forward to it… the day is doomed.

Love and Hate

It was official; Dean Winchester hated Valentine’s Day. Sure he’d never really liked it in first place but now he down right loathed it.

For the first time since Cassie – and wasn’t that ironic? – Dean had planned on celebrating the holiday seriously. No trolling for singles or for the remains of Valentine’s Day break-ups. There was no need. This year Dean had himself and actual date. Sure it was with an Angel of the Lord now using the body of a once devout man as his own human form but that was supposed to make it easier right?

Dean figured dating an Angel would mean things would be a little easier. Give him a little more padding against things that could go wrong. Too bad nothing was ever easy for a Winchester.

The date hadn’t even begun and here he was with his angel both flopped miserably in a hotel room.

Earlier the same day…

Dean and Sam looked up from their research when Castiel appeared next to them at the table. Cas sat so that his hands were hidden under the table.

“De--” he cut off with a swallow.

Both brothers frowned. “Something wrong Cas?” Dean asked pushing the laptop closed.

“N-No?” Castiel didn’t look away from Dean’s face.

“What are you?” Dean reached a hand out to his own face. Was there something there? He came in contact with nothing that wasn’t supposed to be. However he did notice Cas following is movement.

Dean snorted, “Really? Really?” He pulled the small frames off his face as Cas’ ears turned pink. “They’re glasses Cas you’ve seen them plenty of times before.”

The flush spread from the angel’s ears to his cheeks and he fidgeted in his seat.

Dean’s smile was positively lecherous, “I see.” He spared a glance at Sam, who was silently watching the exchange, his own ears pink. “You have ten seconds to leave before you get an eyeful Sammy.”

Sam was out the door in five.

Slipping his glasses back on Dean turned away from the door ready to discuss the newfound kink. He came face to face with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates.

“What the…”

“I was told it was customary to bring flowers and chocolates prior to a date, especially during Valentine’s Day.”

“Only if the other person is --” Dean stopped at the hopeful and proud look on Cas’ face. He found he didn’t have it in him to make a snarky comment. Not today anyway.

He smiled and accepted the flowers. Whatever they were they did smell pretty good. Mind you he would never admit that out loud.

“We’re sharing these,” he announced opening the box of chocolate. “Then we’re going to dinner.”

Cas opened his mouth to protest so Dean shoved one of the small chocolates inside enjoying the look that came across Cas’ face as he ate it.

“I have never had chocolate before. I like it.” Dean laughed and passed him another. He forgot all about the flowers he was holding.

By the time they finished half the box Dean was sniffling and rubbing at his eyes; they were so itchy.

“Dean, are you alright?” Castiel asked when the hunter let out a string of sneezes. He put down the bit of chocolate in his hand. There was a strange sensation in his stomach that he did not like.

Wiping his nose on his sleeve Dean replied, “I’m fine.” Narrowing his eyes at Cas he noticed the green tinge the angel’s skin was taking and the absent scratching. “Are you?”

Castiel didn’t respond but Dean saw the reflexive swallowing that always came before vomiting.

Dropping the flowers as he moved the garbage can in front of Cas, Dean was stuck in an intense bout of sneezing when the pollen was flung in his face. He could only watch through watery eyes as Castiel leaned over the bin expelling the chocolate.

When Castiel was done he slumped against Dean, “I do not like this.”

Dean snorted, “It’s puking. Nobody does.”

“What happened?”

Dean sneezed. “Judging by the puking and light case of hives – that’s the marks you keep scratching – I’d say you’re allergic to chocolate. Means you can’t eat it.”

Cas looked mournfully at the box, “That is unfortunate.”

“Yeah.” Dean rubbed at his eyes again.

“What about you?”

“I think I’m allergic to the flowers.”

Castiel frowned, “I apologize.”

“Hey, it’s fine. We didn’t know. Besides no ones ever given me flowers and chocolates before, I like the sentiment. Though, I’m going to have to ask that it’s never done again. Not good for either of us.”

“Agreed.” Cas looked at the garbage bin, “I’m afraid that I would not be good dinner company.”

“Me either. What say we pester Sam into getting up allergy meds and crash out?”

Castiel nodded in agreement as his stomach cramped again.

Dean reached for his phone as Cas vomited again. Figures that the first Valentine’s Day he was actually looking forward to would have to be postponed in lieu of allergic reactions.

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